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Client Testimonials


I called Mary to help me bust through piles that had been accumulating in corners, on tops of any horizontal spaces and stuffed in shelves for years in my office. I was totally overwhelmed. All of my clutter and disorganization was sucking the life energy out of me! Calling Mary to come help me was an important step in getting back on top of my work and life! She's kind, but tough on purging piles and files. She follows your lead, but will challenge your decision if she senses you need a new perspective about something you are hedging on. Although this will be an on-going process for me, Mary worked side-by-side with me sharing little tips and insights to help me gain control. I am now back on track with how I handle the papers, magazines and books that come across my desk. From boxes that contain resource materials for specific projects to an improved filing system, everything has a designated place! I've been amazed at how much more focused and energized I am now that we've cleared the clutter! I promise it will be the best gift you could EVER give yourself!
Beth C. Cecil, Leadership Enrichment Director
White Oak Management, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC


I have been in the construction business for 40 years and a self-employed general contractor for the past 13 years. I am a "pack rat" and cannot stand the thought of throwing things away. On top of that, in the past year, I went from being a company of several people to the CEO of a one-man show. During this period I started to realize I really need help to simplify my business mode of operation and that would have to begin with getting organized. So, I hired Mary.

Let me assure you, after going through thousands of items including papers, brochures, magazines, files, notebooks, old computers, broken things, electronics, phones that don't work, drawings, dead plants, and things I couldn't even tell her what they were, it has made a big difference. I can say without hesitation that this process has taken a very large burden off of me during a stressful time in my life. It has been worth every penny I spent for the service.

Mary Sigmann does her job in a very professional manner. She comes in with a great attitude and a pleasing personality in order to make the experience an enjoyable one. I highly recommend Mary as one who can help you organize your personal or business life.

B. Ward Kellett, President
Smith Kellett Contracting LLC
Fountain Inn, SC


I recently moved to Simpsonville. I had a lot of help from family and friends, however I was also recovering from back surgery. Because of this I did not feel like dealing with organizing all of my stuff. Several times I tried when I felt good, but to no avail. I was really feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

At an event in Fountain Inn, I met Mary, and as we talked she told me she worked as an organizer. We set up a time for her to come and help me. At 9:00 in the morning she arrived and the process began. Four hours later it was completed. What can I say, I was more than excited. She has an amazing talent of organizing and is a very dedicated worker.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs this service. Thanks again Mary!!!
Sandy Oliver, Retired
Simpsonville, SC


Thank you Mary! Your quiet sense of humor and your way of helping me to see I don't need to hold on to everything has been such a blessing. I appreciate all the hands on work you do and I so much appreciate the progress we have made. I smile every time I go into each room we have been able to bring some balance and organization to.
Faith Gibson, Small Business Owner


Mary Sigmann has changed my life from chaotic to organized. It's in the way she helped me. She listens well, encourages, and respects the things that are important to you. She has many suggestions to share with you during the process. Most important to me, Mary used my best learning style to teach me how to make the change in my life.

Mary is a true professional!
Kathy Patton, Retired Educator


"Even though the rest of my house is organized, I couldn’t seem to get a handle on my closet. My friends will tell you that I love to shop for clothes and shoes, and over the years, my closet became stuffed and disorganized. Mary took the time to sort through each piece of clothing and arrange my closet in a way that suits my lifestyle and is easy to maintain. Now I can see and access all of my clothes and shoes easily and quickly. I thank Mary every day as I am getting ready for work because now I can spend more time enjoying my morning coffee instead of looking through my closet for something to wear. "
Rhonda McMurtry
Simpsonville, SC 29680


I had been frustrated with the lack of organization by some of my staff members, and also by the amount of clutter that seemed to be in their teaching areas as a result of poor organizational skills. While reading the Des Moines Register one day I was fascinated by an article about Mary and her title as a Certified Professional Organizer®.

I contacted her to see if she would be able to come and make a presentation to my staff. She did a wonderful job of presenting concerning this subject, and I invited any of my staff to work on a one-to-one basis with Mary to improve their organizational skills and rid their areas of clutter. At the end of the presentation I had 6-8 staff members who wanted to work with Mary. She met with each of these individuals for approximately 4-6 hours and helped them get organized. Since that time I have seen some major improvements in the individuals she worked with, and would not be surprised if others will want to work with her in the future.

She has the ability to work effectively with these people and not make them feel like they are failures or "organizational slobs," which is probably something I could not have gotten accomplished without her modeling, teaching, guidance and nurturing. Her help and support were greatly appreciated by me and my staff members.
John Monroe, Principal, Indianola High School


As a busy solo practitioner lawyer, organization is essential. Consulting with Mary resulted in much more efficiency in my business, and a more pleasant work environment. She also encouraged me to take control of my schedule, a task I had been unable to do before. I look forward to working with her on an ongoing basis. Her demeanor, ideas and positive attitude are a welcome relief to an otherwise stressful professional life. I recommend her services highly.
Kim Stamatelos, Attorney


As an entrepreneur, CEO, parent and community volunteer, I want and need to be as efficient and productive as humanly possible. One day I was visiting a client and noticed a book in their office called, "Making Work, Work." I asked about the book and they told me about Mary Sigmann's coaching and organizational services.

Based on that referral, I hired Mary to help me archive a multi-year project that involved files and files of research, proposals and contracts. We sorted through them to determine how to most effectively organize what needed to be kept and we shredded all the documents that no longer served a business purpose.


One of the first things I advise clients to do when they say they'd like more money is to clean out and organize their home (to make room for more Abundant energy to come to them). When they look at me puzzled, I suggest that if organizing is not their Unique Ability, that they hire a personal organizer. And, not just any. Mary Sigmann is one of the best and it is why I always refer my best clients to her. The greatest gift you can give yourself or others is a day with Mary Sigmann. Declutter, simplify, and invite more wealth into your life at the same time-what could be better?
Julie M. Wright, Financial Planner & Life Coach, Executive Financial Architects


"Mary Sigmann has effectively worked with one of our faculty physicians in organizational skills and time management. The issues of note that have improved dramatically include the removal of clutter from a professional office. This has led to a sense of both improved appearance and control to the individual and those around her. There has been a marked reduction in misplacement of important items and the ability to find necessary references and tools."

"In addition to leading and initiating a 'clean up' phase, Mary has instilled methods and tools into this faculty member's approach to handling materials and stress, which has improved the individual's confidence and self worth."

"I highly recommend her highly as an organizational coach."
John E. Sutherland, MD, Executive Director


"Wow, is my life organized! It all began with spending a morning with Mary Sigmann. My desk had been buried for two plus years, my closet was over-stuffed and simply unorganized. I was finally so overwhelmed and tired of living in disarray that I called Mary, and I am glad!"

"Mary helped me think about how to process all the things that pile up and where to put things. Before, I didn't have a place for everything, now I do. The things we did carried over and I as able to do more organizing on my own. What a great feeling to see things falling into place! I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking for some direction towards being organized."
Rachel Harpham, Retail Business Owner


"I want to personally thank you for the amazing transformation that occurred in my home! I am still amazed at how productive we were. I could never have accomplished everything on my own. Working side by side with you was such a pleasure."
Teri Garrett, Occupational Therapist


"Thank you so much! I feel so invigorated words cannot describe it. I can not believe how long I lived in chaos. I am working with your tape to get the job finished and it is going really well. I listened to the tape while I relaxed in the tub and I totally related to everything you said! I had been forgetting to enjoy all that I have and I am no longer going to do that. It's the simple things that I have been missing.
Thank you!"
Heather Rowell, Day Care Provider


We got more done in these three hours than we have in the past three years!
Charlie Fornay, Student, Age 11



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your informative and insightful seminar on Time Management: Making Choices and Setting Boundaries. Our employees' comments have been overwhelmingly positive about how much they were able to gain from your presentation.
I am pleased to recommend your services."
Julie Fidler Dixon, M.S., CRC, CM, Clinical Administrator IA


"I cannot express my deep appreciation for all your efforts during our two Lunch and Learns. We had nothing but positive feedback about your expertise, knowledge and professionalism.
You allowed big and small businesses to see that their total efforts are sometimes hampered by many of the same problems, and that solutions are possible with proper organization. It was a challenging hour and one-half and many have now commented on their initial personal efforts and the positive affect you had."

John Kenworthy, Corporate Vice-President


"Thank you for the great seminar! I must share a telephone call I had this morning. A call came from a participant sharing how your program and "permission" gave her the encouragement to begin working on accumulated things left from her mother's estate. She was feeling so positive about her accomplishment that she just needed to share. You are a professional!"
Dorothy Clausen, Program Manager IA


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your program. You present yourself in such a genuine manner and it is so pleasant to listen to all your good ideas. I love "organizing" because it gives me such a sense of accomplishment. You are gifted with the talent of writing and saying beautiful things."
Sally Morrison



Mary is a fantastic organizer and executive coach. She quickly and succinctly breaks down organizational and executive problems into manageable steps with great insight and finesse. My work life is so much more relaxed and productive applying Mary's many organizing secrets. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is ready to simplify his or her office systems, eliminate unnecessary clutter and distractions, align with positive partners and clients, and have the kind of impact one dreams of having on the world.
Scott Miller, CEO, Move the Mountain Leadership Center


"I can recommend Mary Sigmann as the best of the professional organizers and coaches. She gives me many suggestions on how to manage my house and my business. I bought her book and cassette and I work with it a lot. She understands all my psychological needs and is always willing to help. I know I can trust her. I assure you, she is The Best."
Ana Maria Salmona, Professional Organizer


"I want you to know what an impact you have made on my life. Starting a new business was an exciting and overwhelming process, but having you for a coach helped me move through the process quicker and with fewer mistakes. I knew immediately after our first coaching session that you would provide me with the encouragement, motivation, and training that I needed and desired. Not only did you provide me with solid knowledge about marketing, selling and other aspects to help me grow my business, but you also helped me develop more personal aspects such as my spirituality and awareness.
Your coaching style is superb! You are a truly warm, caring and talented coach that has the gift. I am fortunate to have learned so much from such a phenomenal person!"

Janet Petrzilka, Professional Speaker and Organizer


"I met Mary when I attended her Getting Organized Is a Breeze seminar. I immediately hired her as my coach. I was in the process of organizing my newly formed corporation and feeling overwhelmed. We had weekly telephone meetings with homework and various exercises for me to complete. Within the first few weeks our results were remarkable. My stress level diminished, as everything seemed to be getting under control and falling into place.

Mary and I accomplished great things together with her as my coach. She has great knowledge and information. She always has a solution to the toughest organizing challenge, but presents it in such an unassuming manner, that she keeps the client comfortable, while still having a fun time."
Julie Oberembt, Certified Feng Shui Consultant


"My work with Mary Sigmann has been fruitful and illuminating. She uses her excellent communication skills to focus her clients' attention on problems that can be solved. Her ability to organize the responses she hears and turn them into actionable items contributes to her effectiveness and the success of her clients.

My specific experience with Ms. Sigmann related to a transitional period in my life at which I wanted to make career and personal changes. She was instrumental in helping me sort through the issues and identify those that were both adjustable and important. Through this work I developed a plan of action.

Ms. Sigmann brings organizational ability, communication prowess, focus and an energetic positive approach to the coaching environment
Angela Voos, Office Manager


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